Fragmented - 2

- Do you really think you know this person?

- Yeah, plenty.  I mean I’ve got his bank account, credit cards, Facebook, text messages, and all this data that no sane person would ever relinquish with their consent… all accessible under my thumb on this ditty device.

- Sure, you basically got his identity on that phone but do you really know the person?  The way that I knew you, as a friend?

- Well under that context, I know absolutely nothing about this douchebag that’s going to be captured.  That’s kind of a no-brainer with the way you set that up.

- I’m trying to get you to think from a different point of view.  Some things that aren’t obvious can be easily seen from another angle.  Like your little shed - it can’t be seen from my driveway but you can see it perfectly from my kitchen window.

- …

- What I’m saying is that the way you’re trying to get intel on your target isn’t going to work.  Your way isn’t the same as secret double- or triple-agents easing themselves into their target institution.  It works with holding valuable hacker data hostage but It just doesn’t work like that with people.  You have to extract info from people either by interacting with them socially, whether that be through genuine, furtive, or treacherous means.

- Look, I don’t have time for this social ladder nonsense.  It’s so much quicker to just drain their bank accounts in front of my targets’ eyes to make them cooperate.  I honestly don’t care how their well-being.  You think you can know them as if you hang out with them like friends in high school but the truth is never that simple.  People always have that bad side of themselves hidden away, like a much less virulent Mr. Hyde.  I learned that the hard way and I’m not about to let the truth slap me again by listening to your advice with that half-deluded notion that I can trust others to be authentic.

- Ok, even if a person has constructed carefully separated and isolated lives - even if they’re all lies and crap, it’s what that person chose to do.  They had freedom but they chose badly.  But that doesn’t mean they’re the seed of all evil - people aren’t perfect.  You need to see the humanity in people!

- I could care less about your stupid humanism right now.  I have to take care of him before more trouble comes up.

- I know you’re infuriated about what happened to you… It was horrible but you better not end up killing that guy, you hear me?!?

Stream of Consciousness - 1

When I listened to Mary Lambert’s new song “Secrets”, I started to think about the US government and then government in general…

So I started to laugh maniacally inside my mind because transparency ruins how government runs in real life.

Maybe you should major in Computer Science!

Woah, I was just writing out a story idea I had that is partly inspired by Watch Dogs, hacking, and revenge.  (Wait, the last 2 things sound like the basic aspects of Watch Dogs…)  I actually planned to write about 10 of these Fragmented bits.

I can see myself studying some CS classes in the future but I’m not sure of CS as a major.  I know that CS is a good major that brings in money.  (I heard from an MIT alumna that software engineers are always in demand from companies.)

In my experience, CS (and programming in general) is like physics - I first learned of it and thought it would be super easy but once I looked into something elementary like HTML, I couldn’t really comprehend it at all.

Fragmented - 1

You can’t hide from me.  You can’t run away from me.  You can’t lie your away out.  I know everything you’ve done, where you are right now, and what you have planned.  All of this was possible thanks to a few convenient data breaches on your phone waiting to be exploited by people who know a thing or two about computers.

You can try to shy away from me off the grid but that won’t work for too long - your activity off the grid has to somehow add up to your activity on the grid… Well, that’s if you’re like most people caught up in this new wave of mobile tech.

I know that you most certainly are one of those people.

I will find you and I will get exactly what I want from you.


Sometimes I’m tired of being neither dead nor alive…

The next Nexus phone

I think a lot of Nexus fans will be disappointed if LG doesn’t make the next Nexus smartphone.

Everytime there’s a new iPhone/Surface Pro release

I have to try it out.  And I don’t know how I haven’t tried the Surface Pro 3 yet.  It’s probably because the Pro 3 came out right after 12th grade ended and I was really busy during that time.

This Surface Pro advertising

I don’t get why the Surface Pro 3 is being compared to the MacBook Air.

I suppose the Surface Pro gets more done but then again the Surface Pro is the only tablet I’d buy myself and nothing else that runs a full Windows OS.

Other than that I would only use the Surface Pro as a mobile supplement to at least a real laptop.

I guess there’s a reason why in the ads they say, “the tablet that can replace your laptop,” not “will replace.”

Well to be fair - my post was about undergrad and private debt (though I didn't go into details since I just scrolled through some masturbatory debt sob stories on Tumblr and I was pissed) -- federal loans are usually much more manageable (IBR, PAYE, PS Forgiveness); especially if you're in a high demand field like Engineering with job security and high median pay. The problem is that such loans are typ. capped at 27k for UG so many gap with Sallie Mae. They're unlimited for Grad school.

I’ll just look at where I stand when I’m applying to grad school because something unexpected like being offered a scholarship might come up (though I’m not counting on that hope).

To be fair, I didn’t know what was the context of your post that I mentioned.

What do you mean; "no more FAFSA" - aren't federal loans still available for grad school? If you were to take out federal loans and work in the public sector for 10 years, your loans would be forgiven - all while being on IBR which adjusts loan payments according to your current income. Doesn't sound like a bad gig.

Although I should’ve been clearer, I was talking about debt free means for grad school, such as grants.  I mean there are always loans but I’m not about to inherit $400,000 or some number of dollars of debt per year for grad school.  Honestly I don’t think my net worth will ever be above $1,000 in my life.

Besides I wouldn’t be too excited to work in the public sector.

I want to sustain my mindset (without too much cynicism) towards everyone else who’s busting over $10,000 a year just for an undergrad education (forget about grad school) as long as possible… and a nod to a post of yours.