My AP Physics B Experience

Feeling confident when I signed up for the AP exam:aww yisss

Feeling scared when I opened the exam booklet:

da faq is dis

Feeling confused when I finished and ran out of time:

da faq is dat

Feeling great when I got a 5:

aww yisss

If you can’t find help on your schoolwork on Google…

Then it means that you’re dealing with pretty esoteric material in your class.


If you sit in hell, 1 second feels like eons.

Really, is this what hipsters do when they try to disconnect from Comcast?  I’d just hang up and call again.

I don't have a Tumblr account, lol. I think I came across this blog through the UMass Boston tag - that's about as complex as the narrative gets. Did you schedule your classes? Any 8ams?

I did schedule my classes but I think my schedule will need a relative overhaul because I realized my schedule didn’t look anything like the suggested (aka what you should have) 2 or 4 year plan for my major.  I think I have some classes that start at 9 AM but that’s as close as any of my classes get to 8 AM.

Wow, I didn’t think that people used the Tumblr search box.  Well I never used it because I’ve didn’t like it (before Tumblr was redesigned after being bought by Yahoo).  Whenever I’ve used it, I’m pretty sure that it listed the newest and popular posts because I typed in tags that should’ve had thousands of search results but the results could be displayed on a page shorter than a short Wikipedia page.

Are you commuting or will you be living in the apartments? If I really did meet you today, I guess you'll never really know. I'm not stalking you - just simply asking questions that by and large are pertinent to my own life as well. I'll stop if it concerns you.

I’ll be commuting to school.  I live close enough - I don’t live far away like some other people I’ve met, such as Andover, Lowell, and the Worcester area.

I don’t mind the questions - it makes my Tumblr blog actually look alive because recently I’ve been busy and haven’t been making a lot of submissions.  You’re not really creeping me out but I got this feel that if people keep asking me questions about UMass Boston on Tumblr then we might as well meet up in the cafeteria and talk there.  It’s kind of that feeling that I get when I wonder why people text each other sitting next to each other (not in a place like class).  Except this isn’t exactly that case… what am I thinking?  Looks like I went on a subjective rambling here.

I’m just wondering why ask me these questions.  I’m not sure why I stand out to you (for these thoughtful questions on college) - I’m sure I don’t stand out that well in a crowd because my appearance and aura is pretty ordinary and mundane (in my opinion).

While what others do is up to them, I just wonder if people will feel like they’ll get in trouble or face social pressures if they didn’t ask questions anonymously.  Or maybe the truth is simpler and that askers just submit anonymous questions because they don’t have Tumblr accounts and don’t feel like making one.

Why did I have to explain myself in a long-winded way?

Why care about one soul at lost at sea?

Why do I interesting to some people?

Why do I matter to people who don’t know me?

I’m just one - sometimes lost - soul roaming freely around an ocean… There are so many others.

Why am I the “special” one?

It’s wrong for me to say that I’m being stalked… is someone watching out for me, seeing if I’ll live up to a special someone’s words… or is that a false hope?

I will never know the answers to my questions… at least, for sure.

Are you making any friends at your orientation? Or are people more or less keeping to themselves?

Well, I’m talking to people so that’s a start.  I suppose I saw some people reaching out to others and some not.  It’s hard to say if I’ve made lasting friends yet - one day is very short, especially when you move from one group to another rather frequently.

I don’t know why but I keep having this feeling that I’ve met you today during orientation.  The topics of your questions strongly suggest that you’re also a student at UMass Boston… but that’s just a feeling, more specifically a supposition - not clear perception of the truth.  

Do you have a lot of AP credit to transfer? I'm about a semester and a half ahead with AP credit so I'm only taking 4 classes this fall instead of 5 so I can "adjust" to college and develop proper study habits for college level/length classes. Idk, I might just be grasping at straws to excuse my laziness.

Um, I have some - not a lot.I got 5’s on AP Calculus AB and Physics B (honestly, I don’t know how I did so well in Physics B).  Those were the only AP exams I’ve ever taken, both done in senior year.  I think I could get transfer credit for calculus.  I can’t really get credit for physics because physics for engineering is calculus based.

I don’t blame you for not trying to burn yourself out in the first year of college.  I heard stories today from orientation about how people have done credit overloads but I didn’t hear about if it was bad or good for them.

Did you schedule your classes yet?

No… I’m actually scheduling my classes tomorrow.

It’s interesting how you asked on the first day of my orientation.