A thought about math and science minds

I’ve always heard that students in Asia weren’t good in language arts and 

Alright, maybe they’re not conditioned to have open minds… (except for those like Yue Minjun).

But in my experiences with humanity teachers, especially those who have admitted that they were bad in or hated math, tend to be dumber on the whole than math and science thinkers.

For a technology example, Mark Zuckerburg is an avid fan and has even memorized the ancient Greek lines (and not a wussy translation) of The Odyssy and The Iliad.

For a literature example, Lewis Carroll was not only a pioneer of photography but also a contributor to logic and linear and matrix algebra.

Finally, as a personal example, my math teacher probably has better critical thinking skill than the average English or humanity teacher due to his minor in philosophy.  (I mean, once I saw some esoteric remnants in class of some logic proof of p is known and how could q be known through a proof by contradiction.)

But in my experience, I’ve found that my teachers who’ve admitted to having a loathing or inability of math tended to have meritless thinking, if any at all.  This includes an art teacher I had who favored this white, snotty junior skip from Studio 1 to Studio 3 just because that girl was liked by that teacher.  It still happened even though I was the only person in class who actually drew better than that white trash girl.  Also on this guilty list was an English teacher who has this unfounded paranoia that none of her students will actually read for homework; therefore she finds it logically sound to assign quizzes before taking notes on the reading without any open-minded discussions whatsoever.

Look here, English majors, you’re the guys who’re ending up not as well-rounded as the math and science minds.  Let alone being impulsive, stereotyping biological machines who are egocentric and don’t deserve not one iota of human decency.

What high school has done to me

Because of high school, I am nobody.

I am nothing.

I do not exist or mean anything to anyone in any plane of existence.

2 more months of high school…

This is unbearable.  Not because of senioritis but because I feel like this should’ve happened 3 years ago.  But it’s not like I stayed back for 3 years in a row either.


Seems like those Windows 8 emoji were just fine…

Ok, let’s see if this Windows 8 emoji stuff works…


Whoever made high school suck should be impaled

High school tried to destroy the essence of who I am and can only be - impaling the creator of high school is the least amount of punishment such a misanthropic being deserves.

So sad to think about tomorrow…

When you know you’ll go through the same stupid crap in school, meet the same stupid and vapid people (except for those great people who are better than the other 95% trashy people), the same stupid school assignments, the same stupid schedule rotation, and the same stupid cycle that’s has been on an infinite loop since I started high school since August 2010.

When I sent a link to my blog post…

… to the friend I mentioned in the blog post about why social networks are blue, I finally felt a little normal.

Ever since I was a little kid.

Like show and tell in the 1st grade.

A description of servile people

Fawning sycophants

A blog post I wrote about popular social media sites that have blue in their logos.